The NGO Dream (Non Governmental Organization Dream) is a volunteer work group to dedicate to socialization of female and children with disability.


Have the female disabilities and children to live happy life based on human dignity.


To secure equal opportunities and equal rights for all women & children with disabilities.




Why do we work for them?

Women with disabilities often have two problems – their disability and their gender. Women are more likely than men to become disabled. This is because of poor healthcare, violence, and poor working conditions. Women with disability means more risk of being sicker, poorer, less educated and more socially isolated than men with disabilities or other women. In addition, Women with disabilities are twice as likely to experience domestic violence and other forms of sexual violence as other women.

Children with disabilities are also much more vulnerable and marginalized. Although they are provided with child-care and education by government, it would be not practical and sufficient. Thus, most of them fail going out the world.

What do we work for them?

Provide systemic job training suitable for women with disabilities

Public awareness campaign for the disability

Improve and support livelihood of women and children with disabilities

Research of improving socio-economic environment for the disabled personG

Global relations with disability group


Contact us

Office address: Gyeonghuigung  3ga-gil 13, Jongno_gu, Seoul, South Korea 03176

E-mail: admin@ngodream.com

Phone: +82 070 7640 1005

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